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We have just returned from this year’s Photo Shanghai, China’s biggest photo art fair, which was held for the second time, after it’s successful launch in 2014. Our gallery Christian Larsen showed a solo exhibit of our works – a selection of photographs from our newest volume I Know not these My Hands as well as The Weather Diaries.IMG_3793

CooperGorfer_ARG_NataliasLettersIMG_3759 CooperGorfer_ARG_NizaAndTheAnimalsIMG_3789 CooperGorfer_ARG_NizaAndTheBoundCat


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The Weather Diaries
12/06/2015 – 23/08/2015
Nordic House
Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

The 3rd exhibition of The Weather Diaries opened at the Nordic House in Tórshavn! The exhibition features the biggest part of the photographic works and installations from the original exhibition at the Museum Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt, in 2014.

With: Steinunn SigurdardottirMundi VondiJohanna MethusalemsdottirHrafnhildur Arnardottir aka Shoplifter, JÖR by Guðmundur JörundssonBibi ChemnitzNajannguaq Davidsen Lennert , Anguteq Nikolaj KristensenBarbara Í GonginiGudrun & Gudrun, Jessie Kleemann and Rammatik.


See the exhibition until August 9th 2015!

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Fashion & Mortality

Kunstmuseum Linz, Austria
13 March – 7 June 2015

For the first time we will exhibit some of our works in Austria. As a part of the group exhibition LOVE & LOSS, we will be showing 3 works from The Weather Diaries series at Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz.
A great number of exhibits on loan from international museums and studios substantiate moments between the 1980s and today, in which fashion and the art inspired each other. The exhibition celebrates beauty and the abyss, poetical moments and black humour. It presents fashion designers together with exponents of the visual arts, High Fashion and Street Fashion, photographs, videos, sculptures and installations. The majority of exhibits has never before been seen in Austria.


Ena Holds the Sea, Cooper & Gorfer
From The Weather Diaries / Bibi Chemnitz


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Vintersalong Strandverket
Marstrand, Sweden,

30 november 2014 – 6 januari 2015

Strandverkets vintersalong will be showing works from 23 artists. The exhibition comprises paintings, sculpture and photography.

We will be part of the exhibition with 8 selected works from My Quiet of Gold, the Kyrgyzstan series and from our most recent body of work I Know not These My Hands, the Argentina series.

exhibiting artists:
Berit Lindfeldt/Christina Skårud/Cooper & Gorfer/Erland Brand/Helene Billgren/Ida-Lovisa Rudolfsson/Jeff Olsson/Karin Broos/Mikael Olsson/Nina Bondeson/Patrick Nilsson/Patrik Andiné/Peder Josefsson/Peter Ojstersek/Ragnar Schmid/Rogerts Bondesson\Roj Friberg/Sofia Änghede/Sven-Erik Johansson/Tore Hagman/Trinidad Carrillo/Vanna Bowles

curated by: Pål Svensson and Hasse Persson


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See the exhibition until March 2015!

The Weather Diaries
1/11/2014 – 21/03/2015
National Museum of Photography
Black Diamond
Copenhagen, Denmark

The Weather Diaries is now exhibited at the National Museum of Photography in Copenhagen, Black Diamond, until March 21st 2015. The show includes installations by STEiNUNN (IS), Barbara I Gongini (FO) and Nikolaj Kristensen (GL).

With: Steinunn Sigurdardottir, Mundi Vondi, Johanna Methusalemsdottir, Hrafnhildur Arnardottir aka Shoplifter, JÖR by Guðmundur Jörundsson, Bibi Chemnitz, Najannguaq Davidsen Lennert , Anguteq Nikolaj Kristensen, Barbara Í Gongini, Gudrun & Gudrun, and Jessie Kleemann.

Curated by: Sarah Giersing



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The Weather Diaries
National Museum of Photography
Black Diamond
Copenhagen, Denmark

1/11/2014 – 21/03/2015



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Upcoming Exhibition

The Weather Diaries
November 1st 2014 – March 21st 2015
National Museum of Photography / Black Diamond,

Ena With Eyes Shut, 2014

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We are right now working on our 4th Volume I Know not These My Hands. We have already shown the first works from that series at Christian Larsen earlier this year, however, the series is not yet completed. There will of course be a new book marking the completion of this body of work, going deeper into the stories of the people we met and who so strongly influenced the work emerging out of this new volume.



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Accompanying The Weather Diaries series, this book is a dedication to the creativity of the North, with a focus on fashion. It comprises the complete photographic body of work shot on location in Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands. Alongside the photographs, are the alluring reflections and anecdotes from some of the most creative forerunners from the North.

The art of book making bears a certain relevance in our work. A book allows for a special sort of communication. One that speaks to you not merely through image and text, but also through the tactile experience of touch and smell. This is very important to us, as it somehow becomes more than the sum of it’s parts. Having a life of its own, in the end it makes itself yours.

The book is printed on Arctic Paper (Munken Pure 80g, Arctic Silk 150g and Arctic Volume 100g)



The book is available via Gestalten and overseas via Amazon.

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This 20 minute film offers a glimpse into the behind the scenes of The Weather Diaries. Filmed in Iceland, Greenland and on the Faroe Islands, it brings you closer to these remote places and showcases the people whom we collaborated with to bring this project to life. Our aspiration with producing this short film was to document both the reality and magic of these three island nations. But even more importantly, we wish to share some of the insightful and memorable thoughts of these creative forerunners from the North. Their reflections on isolation and the force of nature, consumerism, and the roots of creativity and human nature have set the tone of this project.


With: Steinunn Sigurðardóttir, Johanna Methusalemsdóttir, Guðrun Ludvig, Barbara í Gongini, Bibi Chemnitz, Nikolaj Kristensen, Jessie Kleemann, Guðmundur Jörundsson, Hrafnhildur Arnardóttir a.k.a. Shoplifter, and Guðmundur Hallgrímsson a.k.a Mundi

produced by: The Nordic House Iceland in collaboration with Cooper & Gorfer
Directed by: Cooper & Gorfer
Director of Photography: Conny Fridh
Edited by: Conny Fridh
Sound: Henrik Lövgren



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Over the past two and a half years (2012-2014) we have worked with the art and fashion scene of the West Nordic Islands for the 3rd Nordic Fashion Biennale, for which we were commissioned to curate and create a photographic exhibition interpreting fashion from Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands. (We have posted some of the behind the scenes of the travels and collaborations last fall). On March 22nd the exhibition opened at the Museum Angewandte Kunst, Frankfurt. Entitled The Weather Diaries, the exhibition offers an inspiring and aesthetic experience, uniting the works of many of the most talented designers from the West Nordic islands. It is a symbiotic exhibition of 11 one of a kind installations, that together with 27 photographic art works by us, take you closer into the creativity stemming from the islands of the North.

The Weather Diaries
Museum Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt
March 22nd – September 21st 2014



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Works from the Argentina series “I Know not These My Hands”
and a preview of “The Weather Diaries”, Nordic Fashion Biennale

At Christian Larsen
Hudviksvallsgatan 8, Stockholm
21/02/2014 – 30/03/2014

In the series I Know Not These My Hands, Argentina’s self-image is marked by centuries of unhealed wounds; the brutal colonization that wiped out the native population in the 1800’s, and the merciless military coup in the 1970’s that traumatized generations of parents and children. Today, Argentina is a nation in perpetual search of identity. Sometimes Cooper & Gorfer’s references are apparent, as in Sewing Girls to Trees, where the children in the images disappear into the environment, or wander away from their mothers, as in Lucy Above Mother. These are metaphors for the stolen children of the murdered Argentineans, those who were kidnapped and grew up on the “other side” of the political frontier. In other works, the references are more general. In Mending Vanessa, the many threads seen in the woman’s costume are there to mend what is torn.


In The Weather Diaries, nature—harsh and grandiose, reigns supreme. It dominates people’s lives and chisels out small communities that must stick together to survive. The unifying theme running through the cultures of Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands is the urge to retain their specific national identity, for better or worse. In Ena with Eyes Shut, the Greenlandic national costume is sewn entirely of glass beads and is tremendously heavy. The costume’s weight is paradoxical; it stands for both, the pride and the restrictions that surround tradition and the fear of its loss.
A selection of works from both series is exhibited at Gallery Christian Larsen, Stockholm until March 30th 2014. “The Weather Diaries” is part of the Nordic Fashion Biennale 2014. It is shown in it’s entirety at Museum Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt, March 22nd to September 22nd 2014.




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We are diligently working on a new and exciting project! The Nordic House Iceland, commissioned us as curators and artists for the upcoming Nordic Fashion Biennale 2014, with focus on the West Nordic. The Biennale will be launched at MAK Frankfurt, this spring. We start off with sharing some behind the scenes from our photographic travels this summer to Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands, where we collaborated with selected designers on an elaborate visualisation of their work. More updates on the project, dates, and the showcased designers will follow!

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We are excited to be showing our work in Reykjavik, Iceland this spring. The exhibition will showcase a selection of works from the Volume Series, as well as images from our ongoing series Places in Between. The exhibition is part of the Design March 2013 programme.

The Long Moment
9.march – 21.april 2013
Nordens Hus

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Dunkers Kulturhus is showing a broad selection of our work, for the first time exhibiting excerpts of all our art series side by side. Alltogether 40 works from Iceland, Kyrgyzstan, Qatar and Places in Between, are shown in an enigmatic dark red exhibition space.

June 2012 – February 2013
Dunkers Kulturhus


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My Quiet of Gold
February 25 – April 22, 2012
Västerås Kulturmuseum

The solo exhibition My Quiet of Gold, with  photographs from a journey to Kyrgyzstan, showing at Västerås Konstmuseum.



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It was wonderful to have been presented at the Armory Show in New York 2012.


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Our book “My Quiet of Gold” / SEEK Volume 02 Kyrgyzstan has been selected for the Swedish Book Design Prize 2012 and is now officially one of the 25 most beautiful swedish books published 2011.

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My Quiet of Gold

Show in Berlin 

October 27 – November 27, 2011
Gestalten Space

We are happy to have the opportunity to exhibit our latest project in Berlin at Die Gestalten Space, Sophienstraße 21. For those of you who are in Berlin, the exhibition will be up until November 27th.

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My Quiet of Gold exhibited 
at Hasselblad Center
25.2.2011 – 15.5.2011 / Gothenburg, Sweden

About the exhibition
by Dragana Vujanovic, curator

Photographs from a journey to Kyrgyzstan are the focus of Sarah Cooper and Nina Gorfer’s solo exhibition My Quiet of Gold. Kyrgyzstan is a country with a strong tradition of storytelling where folk tales are part of everyday life. Cooper and Gorfer approached the culture by allowing the people they met to stage their own stories. The artists’ personal conversations with people gave rise to the portrayals. The images were digitally processed to create painterly collages, depicting more than one level of reality. Sarah Cooper and Nina Gorfer’s work stems from a narrative tradition within photography with roots in 19th century painting. Their pictures are imbued with understated drama and an enigmatic tone – a typical characteristic of staged photography in which unpleasant stories are often narrated with a seductive aesthetic. The beautiful picture attracts the viewer, who soon perceives other meanings. Unlike the discrete passer-by who single-handedly waits the decisive moment, Cooper and Gorfer carefully direct choreographed productions. The time they invest in creating a picture can be likened to that of a painter in a studio.

Cooper and Gorfer’s staged folk tales draw a picture of Kyrgyzstan’s contemporary history, creating unique portraits at the same time. The duo avoid making a traditional documentation of the country, instead they describe the culture through a fertile mix of fact and fiction. The images are also indirectly self-portraits of Cooper and Gorfer; picture editing and the selection of stories unveils their own interests and preferences. The image that comes through portrays two socially committed romantics.

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book_mqgMy Quiet of Gold
SEEK Volume 02
 / Kyrgyzstan

We are happy to announce the release of our second book: My Quiet of Gold, SEEK Volume 02 / Kyrgyzstan, launched together with our exhibition My Quiet of Gold at Hasselblad Center in Sweden this spring.
Follow us on our travels to the rural areas of Kyrgyzstan where we collected sagas and stories in conversations and interviews with the local people. Out of these tales, are created photographic portraits that go far beyond mere documentation to tell and visually interpret romantic-melancholy stories of love, sorrow, and betrayal. Numerous essays and excerpts accompany the striking images in My Quiet of Gold, giving you behind the scenes, interviews and hopefully a deeper understanding of our travel and way of work.

Available through Die Gestalten


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Watch the interview

Cooper & Gorfer
Interview at Hasselblad Center
Interview by Dragana Vujanovic, curator Hasselblad Center
Filmed and produced by Egerstrand & Blund and Conny Fridh
Sound Henrik Lövgren

The interview was conducted in correlation with our exhibition My Quiet of Gold at Hasselblad Center, 2011.


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Exhibition at Christian Larsen
Aug 2010 / Under Nomadic Surfaces

The exhibition, Under Nomadic Surfaces, shows a selection of work from two of our series locations, Kyrgyzstan and Qatar. On these journeys we work in parallel as directors, photographers and authors – casting the people we meet into the stories we gather. By focussing on the cognition of the human element, rather than on political, religious or social views, we attempt to bridge the differences between two countries. Places, that despite their disparity, share elemental features: nomadic history, Islamic culture, and almost more importantly, a confrontation with change and an attempt to redefine their identity on the cusp of transformation.

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SEEK Volume 01

Our first volume is a heavy visual novel with nine short stories from an autumnal Iceland. A book where fact and fiction are combined – starring a cast of Icelandic characters in fragmented and intricately collaged and conceptual narratives that seamlessly merge into one another. It presents an opaque and desolate mystique of place where personal tales meet history.

Winner of the Swedish Book Art Award 2009

Available through Die Gestalten

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Exhibition at Kulturhuset Stockholm

Stockholm, 2008

The exhibition In a House of Snow, showcased 30 works from our first series, SEEK Volume 01 / Iceland, at Kulturhuset Stockholm in 2008. Starring a cast of Icelandic characters the exhibition reveals subtle narratives. In a House of Snow is a body of work with vivid impression, it presents an opaque and desolate mystique where the bizarre meets history.

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