Museum Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt

The Weather Diaries
Nordic Fashion Biennale
Museum Angewandte Kunst
Frankfurt, Germany
2014 Mar 22 – Sep 21

Cooper & Gorfer are the curators behind this year’s Biennale. Together with twelve artists and designers from Greenland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands, they have composed a unique narrative of installations and imagery, taking you deep into the ingenuity of these three island nations, where common is the hug of isolation. It is an aesthetic and metaphorical exhibit that deflects the conventional rhetoric of fashion. Instead of seasonal trends, it explores the inspiration of creative minds, probes links to cultural identity and scrutinizes the impact of the inescapable physicality of nature and weather.
In many ways, Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands have their own idiosyncrasies — each of them with unique identities and stories. Still they share a jaunty indomitability, if such a thing exists, not only toward creativity but toward life at large. Weather moulds behaviour, and isolation forges a pool of creative bravery. It is a part of the world where market values don’t have to make sense, because the forced freight of commercialism is rarely loaded.
The exhibition conveys aspects of these northern islands that have enthralled many. Seldom do we see such pleasure for the creative process as we have found in the artists and designers presented here. They have in common a fearlessness towards creativity, an urge to create for creation’s sake and are a reminder of the childlike wonder and indulgence of a mind at play.

Shot with Hasselblad
Printed on Hahnemühle