I Know Not These My Hands

Stockholm, Sweden
2017 Mar 11 – Jun 11

The show covers over a decade of Cooper & Gorfer's work in five suites. Including their most recent series, I Know Not These My Hands and Interruptions. Seamlessly navigating between image and anecdotes, I Know Not These My Hands, speaks of the human aspects of love, loss and identity. In their 5th Volume the artists Sarah Cooper and Nina Gorfer scrutinize the ubiquitous traces a troubled history leaves on the human mind. Based on a travel to northwestern Argentina, Cooper and Gorfer investigate questions of identity through interviews and photographic meetings with people from different levels within the Argentinian society and adjacent lands. Reflections on migration, de-colonialization and more recent political turmoil, surface throughout their works and manifest in the narrative and poetic imagery so indicative of Cooper and Gorfer's work.

The exhibition at Fotografiska shows an extensive selection of works from I Know Not These My Hands (2017), together with works from the following series: Interruptions (2016), The Weather Diaries (2014), My Quiet of Gold (2011) and Latent Now (2009).

Shot with Hasselblad
Printed on Hahnemühle


A walk through the exhibition at Fotografiska in 2017. Filmed by: Gonzalo Pardo