My Quiet of Gold
SEEK Volume 02, Kyrgyzstan

Cooper & Gorfer
2011, Die Gestalten Verlag
240 x 320 cm mm
344 pages, hardcover
ISBN: 978-3-89955-367-3

44 €

I can pinpoint the moment when with one brief question, she implied that the mystique of the place had seized her: "Why has no one ever told me about this?"

John Joseph

For their book My Quiet of Gold, Cooper and Gorfer traveled to the rural areas of Kyrgyzstan to collect sagas and stories in conversations and interviews with the local people. Out of these tales, the artists created striking photographic portraits that go far beyond mere documentation to tell and visually interpret romantic-melancholy stories of love, sorrow, and betrayal in a completely new and non-linear ways. Numerous essays, drawings and excerpts accompany the striking images in My Quiet of Gold.

Swedish Book Art Award 2012
(Svensk Bok Konst) 


Printed in Sweden with Fälth och Hässler
Printed on Arctic Paper

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