SEEK Volume 01

Cooper & Gorfer
2008, Die Gestalten Verlag
165 x 215 mm
English, Icelandic
416 pages, hardcover
ISBN: 978-3-89955-226-3

40 €

About the book

SEEK Volume 01: Iceland is a visual novel with nine short stories where the artists Sarah Cooper and Nina Gorfer combine fact with fiction starring a cast of Icelandic characters, with fragmented and intricately collaged and conceptual narratives that seamlessly merge into one another. It presents an opaque and desolate mystique where fantasy meets history. It is a publication that documents the multilayered project that experiments with visual styles, the art of storytelling and graphical structures.

Swedish Book Art Award 2009
(Svensk Bok Konst) 


Printed on Munken, Arctic Paper
Printed in Sweden with Göteborgstryckeriet

In collaboration with

Limited Edition