In a House of Snow
The Iceland Series
2005 – 2008

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About the series

text by
Cooper & Gorfer

Photographs from a journey to Iceland are the focus of our first body of work, In a House of Snow. This work strongly influenced our artistic collaboration and was the starting point to our common visual expression. 

Iceland’s stories and the self perception are heavily influenced by it’s unique and outer worldly nature. A nature, that has formed a culture, where the mystic is part of everyday life. We approached this aspect of Iceland, by letting the tales of the place direct our work, allowing the people we met to tell and stage their own stories. The outcome is a series of artworks that together create a visual narrative of nine short stories, starring a cast of Icelandic characters. This body of work presents an opaque and desolate mystique, revealing a picture of Iceland far beyond the stunning and well known beauty of it’s nature.

Venues below: Kulturhuset Stockholm, 2008

Selected works