The Weather Diaries
The Nordic Fashion Biennale
2012 – 2014

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About the series

text by
Pauline Benthede,
curator Fotografiska

As indicated by the title, The Weather Diaries is characterised by the climate of the regions depicted in the photographs. Greenland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands share the remoteness of their locations and the geographic inaccessibility of their landscape that lack land borders. Affected by wind and water, Arctic or Atlantic weather, the islands differ in their expressions while sharing their isolation. 

Cooper & Gorfer were invited to curate the 2014 Nordic Fashion Biennale. They created an exhibition collaborating with some of the best local textile artists from each respective place. The project took two years to accomplish and just like all of Cooper & Gorfer’s works, the journey of the artists is intimately interwoven with that of the people portrayed, and in this case, with the inspiration and expression of their fellow artists. The eponymous book interlaces notes and interviews with the designers and photographs of the surrounding landscapes. As documentation of their research sojourns, the portraits tell us as much about Cooper & Gorfer’s artistic practice as of the artists they interpret. Their unwavering curiosity and interest in people and their connection to place, nature, culture and history are interspersed with the question of whether the fickleness of trends loses some of its attraction in places that find themselves far removed from the pulse of commercialism. Perhaps the natural landscape creates a lung for creativity in desolate expanses, providing room to grow in places where the human being takes up little space.

In collaboration with: STEiNUNN (IS), Kría (IS), Mundi (IS), Shoplifter (IS), JÖR (IS), Gudrun & Gudrun (FO), Barbara í Gongini (FO), Jessie Kleeman (GL), Nikolaj Kristensen (GL), Bibi Chemnitz (GL)

Venues below: Museum for Applied Arts Frankfurt, 2014 / National Museum of Photography Copenhagen, 2014 / Nordic House Reykjavik, 2015 / CODA, 2015 / Int. Art District 987 Beijing, 2016 / Fotografiska, 2017

Selected works