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Upcoming Exhibition

The Weather Diaries
November 1st 2014 – March 21st 2015
National Museum of Photography / Black Diamond,

Ena With Eyes Shut, 2014

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Over the past two and a half years (2012-2014) we have worked with the art and fashion scene of the West Nordic Islands for the 3rd Nordic Fashion Biennale, for which we were commissioned to curate and create a photographic exhibition interpreting fashion from Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands. (We have posted some of the behind the scenes of the travels and collaborations last fall). On March 22nd the exhibition opened at the Museum Angewandte Kunst, Frankfurt. Entitled The Weather Diaries, the exhibition offers an inspiring and aesthetic experience, uniting the works of many of the most talented designers from the West Nordic islands. It is a symbiotic exhibition of 11 one of a kind installations, that together with 27 photographic art works by us, take you closer into the creativity stemming from the islands of the North.

The Weather Diaries
Museum Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt
March 22nd – September 21st 2014



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We are excited to be showing our work in Reykjavik, Iceland this spring. The exhibition will showcase a selection of works from the Volume Series, as well as images from our ongoing series Places in Between. The exhibition is part of the Design March 2013 programme.

The Long Moment
9.march – 21.april 2013
Nordens Hus

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Dunkers Kulturhus is showing a broad selection of our work, for the first time exhibiting excerpts of all our art series side by side. Alltogether 40 works from Iceland, Kyrgyzstan, Qatar and Places in Between, are shown in an enigmatic dark red exhibition space.

June 2012 – February 2013
Dunkers Kulturhus


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My Quiet of Gold
February 25 – April 22, 2012
Västerås Kulturmuseum

The solo exhibition My Quiet of Gold, with  photographs from a journey to Kyrgyzstan, showing at Västerås Konstmuseum.



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It was wonderful to have been presented at the Armory Show in New York 2012.


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My Quiet of Gold

Show in Berlin 

October 27 – November 27, 2011
Gestalten Space

We are happy to have the opportunity to exhibit our latest project in Berlin at Die Gestalten Space, Sophienstraße 21. For those of you who are in Berlin, the exhibition will be up until November 27th.

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My Quiet of Gold exhibited 
at Hasselblad Center
25.2.2011 – 15.5.2011 / Gothenburg, Sweden

About the exhibition
by Dragana Vujanovic, curator

Photographs from a journey to Kyrgyzstan are the focus of Sarah Cooper and Nina Gorfer’s solo exhibition My Quiet of Gold. Kyrgyzstan is a country with a strong tradition of storytelling where folk tales are part of everyday life. Cooper and Gorfer approached the culture by allowing the people they met to stage their own stories. The artists’ personal conversations with people gave rise to the portrayals. The images were digitally processed to create painterly collages, depicting more than one level of reality. Sarah Cooper and Nina Gorfer’s work stems from a narrative tradition within photography with roots in 19th century painting. Their pictures are imbued with understated drama and an enigmatic tone – a typical characteristic of staged photography in which unpleasant stories are often narrated with a seductive aesthetic. The beautiful picture attracts the viewer, who soon perceives other meanings. Unlike the discrete passer-by who single-handedly waits the decisive moment, Cooper and Gorfer carefully direct choreographed productions. The time they invest in creating a picture can be likened to that of a painter in a studio.

Cooper and Gorfer’s staged folk tales draw a picture of Kyrgyzstan’s contemporary history, creating unique portraits at the same time. The duo avoid making a traditional documentation of the country, instead they describe the culture through a fertile mix of fact and fiction. The images are also indirectly self-portraits of Cooper and Gorfer; picture editing and the selection of stories unveils their own interests and preferences. The image that comes through portrays two socially committed romantics.

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Exhibition at Kulturhuset Stockholm

Stockholm, 2008

The exhibition In a House of Snow, showcased 30 works from our first series, SEEK Volume 01 / Iceland, at Kulturhuset Stockholm in 2008. Starring a cast of Icelandic characters the exhibition reveals subtle narratives. In a House of Snow is a body of work with vivid impression, it presents an opaque and desolate mystique where the bizarre meets history.

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