The Weather Diaries
Nordic Fashion Biennale

About this book
When it comes to contemporary fashion design, the Nordic countries of Europe are anything but terra incognita. Brands from Scandinavia are well-established around the world and designers such as Henrik Vibskov have been lavished with international accolades for years. But what is it that makes Nordic design so exemplary? How do the origins of young designers from these countries influence their inimitable sense of style and aesthetics? InThe Weather Diaries, the artist duo Cooper & Gorfer explore the roots of Nordic fashion and design traditions. Sarah Cooper and Nina Gorfer take an unusual approach to their topic by telling its story visually. The curators of the third Nordic Fashion Biennale present the work of both young and established West Nordic designers in a striking collection of photography that they shot on-location throughout Iceland, the Faroe Islands, and Greenland. Showcasing the fashion in dramatic natural settings, their images are fused with a dark romanticism and, like much of their work, are reminiscent of eighteenth and nineteenth-century painting. Defying categorization, Cooper & Gorfer’s photos bring together fashion, photography, and painting. Their work goes beyond pure documentation and is interpretive, narrative, and utterly distinctive.

The book is printed on Arctic Paper (Munken Pure 80g, Arctic Silk 150g and Arctic Volume 100g)

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My Quiet of Gold
SEEK Volume 02 / Kyrgyzstan

About this book
The artist duo Sarah Cooper and Nina Gorfer work at the intersection of contemporary photography with painting of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. For their book My Quiet of Gold, Cooper and Gorfer traveled to the rural areas of Kyrgyzstan to collect sagas and stories in conversations and interviews with local inhabitants. Out of these tales, the duo created striking photographic portraits that go far beyond mere documentation to tell and visually interpret romantic-melancholy stories of love, sorrow, and betrayal in a completely new and non-linear ways. Numerous essays and excerpts accompany the striking images in My Quiet of Gold. The book was launched together with the exhibition My Quiet of Gold at Hasselblad Center in Sweden 2011.

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SEEK Volume 1

About this book
Iceland is a visual novel with nine short stories where the artists and editors Sarah Cooper and Nina Gorfer combine fact with fiction starring a cast of Icelandic characters, with fragmented and intricately collaged and conceptual narratives that seamlessly merge into one another. It presents an opaque and desolate mystique where fantasy meets history. It is a publication that documents a multilayered project, the art of storytelling and graphical structures.

Limited edition.
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