SEEK Volume 03

Size: 225 mm x 285 mm
Pages: 128 pages
language: Sámi, English

Distributed via: Thames & Hudson
Designed and edited by: Cooper & Gorfer

Essays by: Monica L Edmondson, Maria Ragnestam
Poetry by: Brita Mangi, Mimie Märak
Texts by: Sarah Cooper & Nina Gorfer
All art works by: Cooper & Gorfer

About the book
On assignment from Konstmuseet i Norr, Kiruna, Sweden, we explore the contemporary context of broken timelines through a strong and confronting portrait series where women within the Sami culture stand in focus.

During a cold winter travel to Sápmi, in the northern most region of Sweden, we underwent a prolific collaboration with Sami women of varied ages, staging and visualising individual stories and circumstances. The result is a direct and striking body of work that crosses genres through poetic and subjective truths of women who live between the tremors of identity, recognition, heritage and modern day.


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In collaboration with:
Asta Mitkijá Balto, Aana Sunna & Monica L Edmondson, Lisa Kejonen Pauker, Eva-Lena Kielatis, Katarina Kielatis, Brita Mangi, Mimie Märak, Maxida & Nike-Sunna Märak, Leila Nutti, Barbro Poggats, Tintin & Lisa Påggats Sarri, Ingá Elisa Påve Idivuoma & Elle Nánná Biggá Idivuoma, Åsa Simma, Laila Spik, Sunn-Kati Skaltje, Ella-Li Spik, Eugenia Skårpa, Carina Sarri, Inga Marja Steinfjell, Anna-Stina Svakko.

Shot with Hasselblad #H5D
Printed on Munken, Arctic Paper
Printed in Sweden with Göteborgstryckeriet