Utopian Bodies, Liljevalchs

Stockholm, Sweden
Utopian Bodies / Fashion Looks Forward
Group exhibition
Sept 25th – Feb 7th


About the exhibition:
Liljevalchs´ new extraordinary exhibition “Utopian Bodies: Fashion Looks Forward” maps out imaginable futures for the adorned body and focuses on the positive aspects of fashion, rather than expatiate on the problems. How can fashion be harnessed to create a better future? How does fashion relate to the human body, to us as individuals and groups, and the world around us?
Presenting fashion’s possibilities and highlighting human creativity, the exhibition aims to inspire visitors to search for their good place, their vision of the future.
Arranged over eleven galleries – Sustainability, Change, Technology, Craft & form, Craft & colour, Resistance & society, Resistance & beauty, Solidarity, Memory, Gender identity and Love – the exhibition presents a snapshot of what is possible today and where we can be in the future.
The exhibition, which consists of over 200 objects, images and videos, invites visitors to embark on a captivating journey between different worlds. The individually designed galleries are inspired by various utopian ideas – some realised and others not. But above all, they highlight the social promise of technology and creativity.

A real must see and beautifully curated by Sofia Hedman.